Saturday, April 5, 2008

Update on progress of the project

A quick note for current contributors: the encyclopedia moves forward on several tracks simultaneously. Here's the synopsis: Two large batches of articles have been fully processed, totalling over 100 articles. Another 100 are in the last throes of editing and acceptance. 50 more are going through the first edit, and about 100 more have been assigned and I am waiting for the drafts.

If you turned in an article before August 2007, my understanding from the press is that you should have been paid. There are a few exceptions, of course,, but check with me if you haven't received a check. If you turned in an article since the beginning of that month, the text is definitely still somewhere in the editing pipeline.

If you have questions about your piece, please email me directly at By the way, I'm always on the lookout for documents and/or illustrations for the project, so let me know about those if you have any ideas.

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